About Us

We are specialized in processing and value addition of both hardwoods and softwoods. Our factories are located in Bosnia: Bilalovac and Konjic, with Marketing and Sales offices in UAE and Sarejevo.

Boswood is the brand name of our products produced by our different processing facilities in Bosnia.

60% of Bosnia, 2.7 million hectares, is covered by forests that have the finest quality of wood in Europe. It is famous worldwide for its timbers such as Beech, Ash, Oak, Pine and White wood.

We have the advantage of being located in the middle of these very forests and have direct access to the best materials. Therefore, we are able to offer the best price for the best quality available.

Our saw mill shave the highest overall capacity in Bosnia. Since 1998, the perfect union between specialization and quality control management has made our factories one of the most productive timber manufacturers in the Balkan Peninsula – Europe.

Our products are exported across the globe, the main markets being Europe, Middle East, North Africa and China. We provide our wood according to European standards and work with modern and hi-tech machines which preserve the quality of the timber throughout all of the stages of processing. We are fully committed to environmental protection and all our systems are geared towards this.

Boswood is the ideal partner for anyone looking for an efficient organization with high quality products and promising services.

We are a part of General Trading Concept the trading arm of AL MAWARID GROUP.